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Charles and I were glad to be a part of the kick-off of Bill Hastings for Mayor of Katy. He has been a good friend and we love his family.

Dr. Charles & Lilly Faye Wisdom
Retired Pastor -First Baptist Church Katy

I am honored to call this man my friend. He's a godly man with integrity beyond reproach. He was an excellent Police Chief and he will be an excellent Mayor.

Robert Jinks
KISD PD Police Chief

❝ Count on mom and I campaigning!!! Need signs for our yards. So excited!! ❞

Brenda Hunter Martin

Carlie, James, Joan and Bonnie - <br>Thank you so much for your support!

Carlie, James, Joan Cope &
Bonnie Watson

Sharon Rhoads - Retired KISD Educator and Namesake for Jack & Sharon Rhoads Elementary School: "I am so proud of you Bill and I support you 100%". <br>Thank you Sharon for your support it means so much to me.

Sharon Rhoads
Retired KISD Educator
Namesake for Jack & Sharon Rhoads Elementary School

❝ Susan Denise Hastings this is such awesome news! Katy will be blessed by having Bill Hastings at the helm! And... double blessed to have you as the First Lady of Katy! Will be lifting you both up in prayer throughout the campaign! ❞

Denise Mayfield

Justin,Jax & Family<br>We support Bill Hastings 100%. There could not be anyone better for our City than the man that knows it like the back of his hand. He is caring, genuine, honest and treats everyone he meets like family. Voting for Bill Hastings as mayor is a no brainer. He has dedicated his life to protecting and serving this city for as long as I've known him and that's 25 years! Not only do I believe in him but I also trust that he will take his duties as Mayor just as serious as he did as a police officer and police chief! When it comes time to VOTE, VOTE HASTINGS I promise you won't be sorry! Bill Hastings as mayor is what the amazing city of Katy,Tx needs!! We can't wait to watch you WIN!!

Justin, Jax & Family

Larry Chandler (Retired Katy ISD Police Officer): "I support Bill 100%!"<br>Thanks Larry for your support.

Larry Chandler
Retired KISD Police Officer

❝ I can't think of a finer man to represent our city than Bill Hastings. He is loyal to the core and has more integrity in one of his pinkie's than most will have in a lifetime. Bill has a genuine love for Katy, TX and even more for the citizens that reside in it. I personally have never heard one negative comment about him, seriously, never (and that in its self is saying a lot considering the high office he holds in our city) and I've certainly never met anyone who doesn't just love him. ❞

Brad Graves

Susie Freeman: "I have known Bill since he moved to Katy and he has never been anything but a great guy."

Susie Freeman

❝ My father in law is retiring from the police force,but will be making a run for mayor of the City of Katy. I couldn't think of a single person better qualified for this job. If it weren't for his encouragement, mentorship, and support, I would not be where I am today. He is a role model to all and I have the utmost respect for him. Bill, you've been a great father figure to me. You have set a great example for my marriage and my career and I'm thankful for you. I can't wait to get in the trenches with you and help with your campaign. ❞

Cody Spear

Thank you Diane Coburn Walker and Steve Walker for your support!

Diane & Steve Walker

Thank you Dan OMalley and JoAnn OMalley for your support!

Dan & JoAnn OMalley

❝ So glad to hear you are running for Mayor too!!!!! You have my vote!!! ❞

Sherri Cullins Jones

Thank you Hanna Fox and Cathy Sparkman for your support!

Hanna Fox & Cathy Sparkman

Kay Beckendorff Sword and Perry Sword (Retired, Director of ER Memorial Hermann Hospital/Retired, KISD Employee): "We support Bill for the next Mayor of Katy!" Bill Hastings for Mayor of Katy<br>Thank you both for your support!

Kay & Perry Sword

❝ Honored to call Bill my friend! He has been instrumental with KCM and the community. He was part of our current 5yr Strategic Plan and still serves in our Advisory Board. I listen when he tells me what my dad would say or what he'd want me to do... warms my heart when I think of Bill's genuine heart, professionalism and loyalty to our community. Love you Bill! ❞

Deysi Crespo

Blake and Kristina Briner-Levien: "Bill is like family. We support him 100% as the next Mayor. Also, if you would like a shirt PM me."<br>Thank you Blake and Kristina for all the help you have given to me. I appreciate your support!

Blake & Kristina Levien

Patsy Stanley (Retired KISD Educator): "Bill has always been a man of great integrity. He will be a wonderful Mayor. Bill is as fine and trustworthy as any man I have ever known."<br>Mrs. Patsy Stanley has always meant so much to us. Her support means the world to me and my family!

Patsy Stanley
Retired KISD Educator
Namesake for Stanley Elementary

I appreciate everyone who came out last night. I also appreciate the friendships and support from area law enforcement agencies. Major Chad Norvell (FBCSO) and his wife Amy have lived in the Katy-area for many years. <br>I'm honored to have their support.

Chad & Amy Norvell
Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office

Joe and Marilyn Hegar (Joe is our retired City of Katy Attorney): "We support Bill to become our next Mayor of Katy!" <br>Thank you both for your support!

Joe & Marilyn Hegar
Retired City of Katy Attorney

❝ Bill will be a great mayor! He's done an outstanding job as Police Chief of KPD where he's had years of experience serving & protecting the community. He's dedicated and committed to serving Katy and is familiar with every aspect of the city & its needs. We've known Bill Hastings for many years and Katy will in good hands with him serving as mayor! Best wishes on his new endeavors! ❞

Jay & Diana Elder

Paulette Nelson and BeBe: (Past City of Katy Councilmember) "You have my full support and BeBe told me Johnny would be so proud."

Paulette Nelson & BeBe

Larry and LInda Mikeska (former City Councilman and Katy Heritage Park Board Chairman & Katy Heritage Society Director/Past President) "Bill has served the city for 43 years & supported so many local organizations. He loves Katy & it's citizens and will always do what is in the best interest of them. We fully support Bill in his race for Mayor."

Linda & Larry Mikeska

❝ Amen and amen! So happy to hear Bill's news. I have always felt that if I needed it, he would have my back. Katy would be very fortunate to have a man of his caliber leading our city. Great way to start 2019....back in my home and supporting an exceptional man for our next mayor! ❞

Jo Ann Tilton

April Mancini (Fort Bend County Paramedic): "I can't think of anyone with more integrity and values! Will be a great Mayor for Katy!"<br> Thank you April, Faith and Lane for the support. Love you all.

April Mancini & Family
Fort Bend County Paramedic

Linda and Rick Payne: "Bill is full of integrity, honesty and character. We have know Bill over 25 years and we have never had a cross word. He will be a great Mayor!"<br>Thank you for the support Linda Mann Payne and Richard Payne

Linda & Richard Payne
Retired Katy Fire Department

❝ He's a generous man with his time, talent and his resources. He'd give you the shirt off his back in a heartbeat if needed. He is a gentle giant and a principled decision maker, extremely fair, tougher than nails when his hand is forced; a force to be reckoned with, I can assure you. I'm honored to be a close friend and I couldn't endorse a man more than Bill Hastings for Mayor, after all, he's earned the right to lead us for as many years as God will allow. #DedicatedLeader #ProvenLeader #HeHasEarnedIt ❞

Former Mayor of Katy Fabol Hughes, wife Paula and Daughter Kim: "We support Bill. He is a proven leader with a great work ethic. He has an open door policy and his word is as good as a handshake. Good as gold!"<br>Thank you Hughes Family for your support!

Kim, Paula, Fabol Hughes
Past Mayor of Katy

❝ Bill brings years of experience to the table, this is great news! ❞

Sharon White

Brenda Hunter (KISD Educator): "I fully support Bill Hastings as our new Mayor. He will be great for Katy!"Patty Hunter McAlister (Retired KISD Educator): "I have known Bill Hastings for 30 years. He will do a wonderful job as Mayor of our City!"<br>Thank you both for your support!

Brenda Hunter &
Patty Hunter McAlister
KISD Educators

Austin Hanson: "I am so excited for you Bill, you are one of my best friends. You just help so many people. I can't wait to help you." Thank you Austin for your support. Can't wait to see you again soon!

Austin Hanson

❝ The City of Katy has been so blessed to have my dad as their Police Chief and they'd be blessed to have him as their mayor. His heart is for the people and I can't wait to see what he can do for his community in every department, not just public safety. I don't think that I've ever known someone that holds as much respect as he does. I've never heard a bad word about him. His integrity, his drive, his compassion, and his heart make for the perfect candidate for mayor. We'd appreciate your support and of course, would love your vote! ❞

Brittany Hastings-Spear

"We think Bill will be a great mayor. Our city will be blessed to have him as our leader." Jimmy and Ann Adele Ross<br>Thank you both so much for the support!

Jimmy & Ann Adele Ross

Retired Katy Police Department Police Chief, Pat Adams "I have know Bill for many years and have known him to be an outstanding person and leader in the Katy community. I support Bill as the next Mayor of Katy."<br>"Thank you Pat you have been my mentor and I appreciate your support."

Pat Adams
Retired Katy Police Dept. Police Chief

❝ He has an open door policy and makes everyone feel like he's known them for a lifetime. It didn't matter that he was the Police Chief during Hurricane Harvey, he personally was trying to find temporary housing for strangers that got stranded in our city due to the flood water, rather than passing them off to one of his officer's or to a local church or Pastor, he didn't rest until he personally networked and knew that every person that needed his help was placed in some sort of temporary housing where they were safe and sound. Just shows the true nature of this mans heart. ❞

Sadler Family<br>Thank you Sadler Family for your support.

Sadler Family

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